Case Studies, Shimba Technologies Limited

Telkom Kenya is one of Kenya’s leading Telecommunications provider offering voice, data and SMS to its customers. Over the recent years, the rebranding of Telkom has seen the company increase its subscribers and market share in Kenya. This created the need for a better subscriber registration platform and a subscriber-engaging marketing campaign


Fun, Engaging and Rewarding: Top Up and Win Promotion

As subscriber numbers continued to grow, Telkom Kenya needed a fun, engaging way to ensure they retain the existing subscribers as well as attract new ones.

Shimba Technologies designed and developed the Top up and Win web application that aimed at rewarding customers for topping up their phones with Telkom airtime. 50 cars were up to be won in 50 days.

Value Add

Telkom Kenya was able to track its customers with the highest purchases. The Web application also enabled the client to identify their most profitable customer segment and build relationships around them. Telkom customers were encouraged to purchase more airtime to increase their chances of winning different prizes.


Easy, Efficient, Data-driven: Sim Registration

Due to the increased customer numbers, it became necessary for Telkom Kenya to upgrade their subscriber registration platform. The client needed a platform that was easy to use, always available and one that would easily integrate into the company’s existing systems.

Shimba Technologies designed and developed the Sim Registration Mobile application, USSD Application as well as a Web Portal for administrative purposes. This solution enables agents countrywide to register customers who purchase Telkom simcards.

Value Add

Telkom Kenya was able to grow its customer base as customers were now able to register their simcards easily. The client has also been able to get customer data as well as know the demography of its customers.