Case Studies, Shimba Technologies Limited

Heineken International is a Dutch brewing company that globally manufactures Heineken Lager Beer Heineken is well known for its signature green bottle and red star. The company brews quality beers, builds award-winning brands and is committed to satisfying consumers everywhere. Heineken has a strong presence in the East African market, and specifically in Kenya, translating in a wide customer base and millions of sales.


Play and Win: Mobile Gaming Solution

Due to the wide customer base and millions of sales in Kenya, Heineken needed to create a way to engage and reward loyal customers as well as to attract new ones. Shimba Technologies designed and developed an Android application that enabled cutomers to play and win with Heineken.

Value Add

The designed solutions made customers feel appreciated given that they had a chance to benefit from the purchases they made. Heineken was also able to identify their most profitable customer segment and develop marketing strategies targeting them.

The client was also able to retain customers as the promotion encouraged them to purchase more and play more to win. Heineken sales also went up thanks to the market identification and specialization.